Click here for GreenStar Display Monitor
GreenStar Energy and Water Sensor

1 Wireless sensors fit to water meters or an electrical supply and send usage data to the Display. Three sensors can be connected.
e.g. hot water sensor, cold water sensor and energy sensor.
GreenStar Display Monitor

2 An indoor wireless Display shows consumption and cost values in numerical and graphical format. Visual and sound alerts indicate abnormal consumption. Data is stored internally for each sensor.

GreenStar graphical display on monitor

3 A Windows software utility allows data to be viewed and exported to a .csv file using an USB connection to the Display.

Click here for MeterProbe bluetooth sensor
GreenStar Energy and Water Sensor

1 A weatherproof module fits to an existing water meter and stores data internally at 10 minute intervals.
Bluetooth connection to iPhone

2 A free IOS App allows data to be downloaded via Bluetooth. Swiping the MeterProbe with a magnet activates the Bluetooth connection.

MeterProbe app on your phone

3 The App displays usage, alarms and graphs and allows data to be saved to a .csv file and emailed.