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Aquamonitor is a range of innovative technology products that provide cost effective monitoring solutions for Green homes and buildings.

GreenStar Monitor

The Aquamonitor GreenStar Monitor is a wireless display that provides direct and meaningful feedback of water and energy consumption and cost. It displays easy to understand statistics and graphs to manage and reduce water and energy usage in homes, buildings and businesses.

MeterProbe Monitor

The Aquamonitor MeterProbe Monitor is a stand-alone device that stores water usage internally without the need for SIM cards, wireless networks or subscription costs.
A small battery powered sensor clips to your existing water meter and stores readings at regular intervals. A free IOS App allows water usage data to be viewed and downloaded for detailed investigation and charting.

Australia Design Award


  • Discover and understand water and energy usage patterns to reduce wastage and daily usage.
  • Eliminate the time lag between consumption and receiving bills.
  • Be notified of water leaks or excessive usage as it happens.
  • Check appliances and events (such as showering) to find the major users and uses of water and energy.


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