The Aquamonitor Brand

Aquamonitor is a range of innovative technology products for water conservation. The focus of the brand is to provide cost effective monitoring solutions for Green homes and buildings. Find out which solution best fits your Green home or building.

Our Solutions

Our Monitor Series is a wireless in-home monitor for use with the mains water supply. The Interface series is a solution for smart homes and buildings with a wired network. Use your existing computer network to connect our Wifi solution for low cost building and site monitoring.

What is Inside?

Get product brochures, quick start manuals and howto guides. See product specs and check out the pricing of our online orderable packages. You can also contact us at 1300 858 414 or email us for further assistance.


Aquamonitor Smart Water Consumption Monitors


water mains

Mains Sensor

A compact wireless sensor fits to your existing water meter. Each sensor comes with a probe that easily fits to the water meter. Fitting the probe is a DIY task and no plumbing changes are required. The sensor runs from a single AA battery. Aquamonitor works with a wide range of water meters and the most popular models are included on our web store.

display unit

Display Unit

An attractive indoor display unit collects real time readings from each connected water meter. Information and graphs is displayed on a graphic LCD and illuminated buttons show alarm status such as water leak or excessive time use. Models are available with internal data logging and come with free USB download software.



The SI300 is designed for Smart homes and buildings where information is displayed on a third party system. It wirelessly gathers data from mains sensors and allows data to be accessed using serial communications interfaces or Bluetooth.


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