Preventative measures are the first step in reducing water consumption. These can include fixing leaks, fitting low flow shower heads, choosing appliances with low water usage and installing dual flush toilets. Prevention can also involve using timers to reduce shower times and avoid flooding the garden or overfilling a swimming pool.

The Aquamonitor GreenStar Monitor is designed with prevention in mind. It includes features such as leak detection, time use alarm, night use alarm and a daily limit alarm to provide a gentle alert when water wastage may be occurring.

Mains Water Monitoring

Aquamonitor GreenStar Monitor converts your existing water meter into a modern smart meter. Key benefits of monitoring your mains supply include:

  • Compare your actual daily consumption with water statements.
  • Set and check your own daily limits.
  • Be alerted to prolonged water usage, such as excessive shower times.
  • Find your consumption patterns through the day and during the week.
  • Detect water leaks 24/7 without leaving the house.
  • Discover abnormal usage such as usage during the night.
  • Check for unauthorised usage of water and usage from unattended premises.
  • Test and benchmark your water appliances, toilets and showers.


List of Features

List of Features

3 channels

Number of Channels

One GreenStar Display can connect to a combination of water and energy sensors.

amps alarm

Amps Alarm

An alert is raised if electrical current exceeds a set limit. The amps alarm can be used to check peak energy usage.

24 hours

Hourly usage graph

Consumption is displayed over a 24-hour period as a bar graph for each hour of the day. This allows you to visualise consumption patterns through the day and to easily identify when unexpected usage has occurred day or night.

daily alarm

Daily Limit

Set your own per person daily limit and the OK button on the Display Unit will show green if the average usage is below the limit and red if over. It allows you to check your daily consumption at a quick glance.

7 days
14 days

Daily usage graph

Consumption is displayed for each day as a bar graph and allows patterns of consumption to be easily seen for the week.

time alarm

Time alarm

This feature alone has potential to save a lot of water. An alert will be raised if consumption is occurring for more than the set time period. For example if you leave a hose on in the garden for more than 15 minutes.


Data download

Hourly water consumption totals are stored for up to one year. You can download and export the data and use a spreadsheet to chart the information and make reports.

leak detection

Leak alarm

An alert is raised if there is a continuous minimum consumption over a longer time period. It makes checking for leaks effortless and gives you a peace of mind that potentially costly leaks are identified early.

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