GreenStar Monitor


The AquamonitorTM GreenStar combines energy and water monitoring into one attractive wireless monitor and reports real-time consumption and trends to enable potential reduction of energy and water use. It is a modular system with three channels allowing a combination of connected sensors to monitor, e.g. hot water, cold water and energy. Consumption is regularly updated and displayed as graphs and daily, weekly and quarterly usage with financial costs in an organised set of screens. The Display features illuminated buttons which flash and change colour when abnormal consumption has been detected. Hourly data is stored internally for twelve months for download, viewing and exporting to a .csv file using a Windows software utility.

The GreenStar Display is an attractive and compact unit designed to blend with modern household interiors and can be desk or wall mounted for best choice of viewing location. It operates from a small power adaptor and does not require batteries. Low power digital wireless communications between the display and sensors allows the system to run without need for SIM cards, internet or network connections or ongoing monthly costs.

GreenStar energy and water meter sensors are compact and weatherproof units supplied with pipe and surface mount brackets and are designed for easy installation in a variety of environments. Each sensor is paired to a display using a unique serial number allowing sensors to be added or changed at a later date.

Water meter sensors attach to common and existing water meters using a magnetic sensor with models available to suit a wide range of meter types. It is not recommended to attach the water meter sensor unit to an underground meter pit as the signal will be poor. Should you have an underground water meter, attach the probe to the meter but raise the water sensor above ground and attach to someplace safe.

Correct Aquamonitor installation

GreenStar energy sensors are supplied with a split core current transformer. Please note: A qualified electrician is required to connect the energy sensor.

The sensors are powered from a single long life battery and optional models are available for operation from a hardwired power supply.

Note: Pre-existing Aquamonitor users please download and read updated guide. Changes made to Pulse Volume.

Technical Features

  • Graphical display of consumption statistics, bar graphs and icons.
  • Illuminated buttons with soft-key functions for ease of use.
  • LED backlight with auto power save and night mode operation.
  • Visual and optional sound alert.
  • USB 2.0 Port for easy download of stored consumption data.
  • Status display of battery and wireless status of all connected sensors.
  • Integrated digital wireless radio with automatic clear channel selection and sensor pairing.
    This allows sensors to be added or removed whilst maintaining data security.
  • Compact size 137mm (W) 85mm (H) 41mm (D) (excluding bracket).