About Aquamonitor

Mission and Culture

Aquamonitorâ„¢ Pty Ltd was formed in 2009 with the vision to provide homes and businesses with the benefits of smart metering at an affordable cost. Our mission is to create innovative and easy to use products for energy and water consumption monitoring for use in green buildings and smart homes. Aquamonitor products are innovative and easy to use, and most importantly, designed and manufactured in Australia. Original designs and development were undertaken by leading industrial and electronic designers from CMD Design and Innovation, Microelectronic Systems, Formzoo Design and in conjunction with the Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund. Aquamonitor was the recipient of an Australian International Design Award in 2010.

Aquamonitor GreenStar

The Aquamonitor GreenStar Monitor is an innovative design solution created as an easy to install and use product that fills the requirements for Green Star. It combines energy and water monitoring into one attractive wireless monitor and reports current consumption and trends in relevant units to enable potential reduction of energy and water consumption. The monitor is a wireless visual display that can be installed in a variety of locations and shows real-time data with daily, weekly and quarterly reporting and financial costs associated with the usage.